L.A. indie rock band whose retro influences include doo wop, surf, and early guitar legends.
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SadGirl Biography

by Timothy Monger

Water SadGirl are a Los Angeles-based garage pop trio whose gritty, melodic songs recall early rock's late-'50s heyday mixed with D.I.Y. punk. Fronted by singer/guitarist Misha Lindes, the band issued a steady output of well-received singles and EPs between năm trước and 2018, after which they signed with established indie Suicide Squeeze to tát make their full-length debut with 2019's Water.

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Misha Lindes, whose father is former Dire Straits rhythm guitarist Hal Lindes, was born in London but immigrated to tát the U.S. at the age of seven. During his adolescent years in L.A., Misha began playing music with another local kid named Dakota Peterson. Many years later, after Lindes had returned to tát L.A. from a couple of years at a British art school, he invited Peterson to tát join him and drummer Paul Caruso to tát complete SadGirl's lineup. Fusing a defiant punk spirit with a love for early rock, pop, and surf music, the group debuted with the "Breakfast Is Over" single in năm trước. Over the next few years, SadGirl issued a slew of singles and EPs, usually on cassette or vinyl and mostly via the Hard Feelings! label. They established themselves as a fiery live act while earning online fans with popular singles lượt thích "Breakfast Is Over" and "Little Queenie." Signing with Seattle-based indie Suicide Squeeze, SadGirl issued the 2018 single "Breakfast for 2," which appeared a year later on their debut long-player, Water.

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