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It's actually a term that went viral in social truyền thông. "Cái nịt" is the synynom of "dây chun" or "dây thắt lưng". But in here, the whole term means you lost everything and nothing left in your pocket.

It's a phrase that has viral recently. "Cái nịt" is the synonym of "dây chun". It means rubber bands. In that viral đoạn Clip, the man said if he picked up 20m, then "còn cái nịt". So there isn't anything left, excepts the rubber band has been used đồ sộ wrapped the money
So teenagers often say it when they mean there is nothing left.
Bro 1: Còn chi phí ko mang lại tôi vay? (Do you have money? Can you lend u some?)
Bro 2: Còn cái nịt!

My english is bruhhhh, but hope can help you sth

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Cái nịt is the rubber band.
Vietnamese people usually tie moneys with the rubber band.
If a person said "Còn cái nịt" means "they have nothing value left" 🤣🤣

Còn cái nịt = Only the rubber band left (?)

The picture below is an example

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Wow. Interesting. Thank you